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Recommendation in Reciprocal and Bipartite Social Networks–A Case Study of Online Dating MoYu 1,KangZhao2,JohnYen,andDerekKreager 1 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA 2 Tippie College of Business, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242, USA A bipartite graph is a graph G whose vertex set is partitioned into two subsets, U and V, students and rooms. They're sort of two types of vertices, so that all edges in the graph are between a vertex of U and a vertex of V, so all the edges that connect the student to a room now connect the student to a room to a room. 1 User recommendation in reciprocal and bipartite social networks --a case study of online dating Kang Zhao+1, Xi Wang+, Mo Yu*, and Bo Gao# +Department of Management Sciences, The University of Iowa, USA. *College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University, USA. We investigate how the bi-large mixing required by the recent neutrino data can be accommodated in the supersymmetric standard model allowing bilinear R-parity violation and non-universal soft terms. A Bipartite Graph. Is it possible to find your soulmate through a mathematical process? Maybe! Let's explore! Suppose that two groups of people sign up for a dating service. Bipartite matching problem is to study two disjoint groups of agents who need to be matched pairwise. It can be applied to many real-world scenarios and explain many social phenomena. In this article, we study the effect of competition on bipartite matching problem by introducing conformity into the preference structure. The results show that a certain amount of competition can improve the ... 1 Bipartite matching A bipartite graph is a graph G= (V = V 1 [V 2;E) with disjoint V 1 and V 2 and E V 1 V 2. The graph may optionally have weights given by w: E!Q +. The bipartite matching problem is one where, given a bipartite graph, we seek a matching M E(a set of edges such that no two share an endpoint) of maximum cardinality or weight. We represent user activities in heterosexual online dating as a bipartite network, in which . a user is a node and an edge in the dating network always connects a male and a female. We represent user activities in heterosexual online dating as a bipartite network, in which a user is a node and an edge in the dating network always connects a male and a female. In many dating websites, if user X is interested in user Y, she/he could approach Y by sending him/her a message, or an initial contact. The dating frequencies can be presented by an r-regular bipartite graph, in which the boys and girls are the nodes. The node set is bipartitioned by Nature. If x is adjacent to y we say that :; is a girlfriend of y and y is a boyfriend of x.

[Guide] Budget MA Assasin for CS Farming

2017.11.01 17:20 _Repeats_ [Guide] Budget MA Assasin for CS Farming

This guide is a budget version of Viyro's guide found here:
Up to date for Patch 12 - Edenite (October 2017)
This guide is for my character: NeuralNet, currently level 88 in HC Edenite Ladder
This guide is meant to be an early league CS farmer. I am not saying this is the "fastest" build in the world, but it will be fun. You can expect a full CS game to last 5-6 minutes with this geabuild (full clear + stashing). If that isn't fast enough, please follow Viyro's build instead.
  • Very cheap - This entire character is can be bought with OOC's, not HR's.
  • 50% Damage reduction with Full Nats + Fade
  • Great survival and near full resists vs. Conviction packs
  • Has ability to be spec'd into faster clear and ubers.
  • Slower than most standard CS farming builds
  • Very aggressive melee playstyle. Not for the faint of heart.
Skill Guide:
  • Venom - 20 Points
  • Claw Mastery - 20 Points
  • Blade Shield - 20 Points
  • Fade - Enough to hit level 20 with buffing gear (every level is 1% physical damage reduction)
  • Blade Throw - Remaining Points
  • Static Strike - 1 Point
  • Blades of Ice - 1 Point
  • Flicker Strike - 1 Point
  • Cloak of Shadows - 1 Point
  • Shadow Warrior - 1 Point
  • Full Natalya's Set - Socket armor with a Splash + -req jewel to lower strength needs
  • Gloves - Laying of Hands (Alts - Lava Gouts/20ias Blood Gloves)
  • Belt - Blood Belt for Open Wounds (Alts - Whitstans, Trangs for freeze immunity)
  • Shield - Whitstan's (Alts - Mosers, Rythme, Tiamats)
  • Rings - Raven Frost, Carrion Wind
  • Amulet - Atmas' Scarab (Alt - Seraphs with high demon/undead dmg)
  • Swap - +2 Assasin Claws (shopped or Bartucs)
  • Ammy for buffing - +2 Assasin ammy (if not using Seraphs)
  • Strength - Enough to wear Nat's Armor
  • Dexterity - Enough to have max block with Whitstan's
  • Vitatility - Rest
  • Energy - None
Very few builds can utilize cast on striking mods like Blades of Ice + Blade Shield. Carrion Wind is probably BiS for a life leach ring. The Twisters offer crazy survival; there will be walls of them stun locking entire packs. This ring was never designed for use with a skill that causes so many hits as Blades of Ice (thanks Greendude!). Atma's Amp will be proc'd nearly ever other Blades of Ice attack, so it is a very reliable 100% boost in damage. I have tested out Highlord, but Atmas Scarab did just was well and is dirt cheap (1-2 ooc). One draw back is that Cloak of Shadows is a curse, so Atma's Amp proc will override Cloak (or vise versa). However, Nats Claw has Ignore Target Defense, so not having the -armor from Cloak on mobs isn't much of an issue. I mainly use it to keep large packs distracted while I pick off targets.
Natalya's set is surprisingly strong, even though you get no parital set bonus'. For this reason, follow Viyro's leveling guide as a Wake of Fire trapper until level 79 (Nat's Claw). The 50 all resists, 15 dual leach, and 30% physical damage reduction is no joke. However, this build has 0 Crushing Blow (no Gore Riders or Guillaume's Face), which is a problem for killing Diablo. I don't consider either of those two items to be "budget"; they will expensive early in a league. Most of Nat's pieces are 1 ooc from the start (armor, boots, helm). The claw will probably not be cheap, but for an endgame weapon it is worth it.
If you are interested in corrupting your gear, I would prioritize getting a decent corrupt on your Nats claw first. Two to three sockets, max damage on char level, or 10% crushing blow will go a long way to improving your damage. Scissor Suwayyah's have 0 weapon attack speed. With 60 ias from the claw and glove slot, we are 25 ias short of the next attack speed break point (85 ias). I have never found the attack speed to be much of a problem as Blades of Ice packs a punch, but feel free to slot some IAS jewels in your gear or Sheal into your claw to hit 85 or 90 IAS:
Frame -------------15.5 15.0 14.5 14.0 13.5 13.0 12.5 12.0 11.5 11.0 10.5 10.0 9.5 9.0 8.5 8.0 7.5
Scissors Suwayyah 0% 10% 15% 20% 30% 50% 55% 85% 90% 145% 170%
For self buffing, you will be casting Fade, Venom, Shadow Warrior, and Blade Shield. Since Blade Shield is a trap skill, you get no benefit from +shadow claws. Thus, I recommend using dual Bartucs, or shop for +2 assassin claws. You only lose 2 skill levels, which isn't that significant considering how annoying swapping out weapons every 3 minutes is. If you get a good Seraphs with decent demon and undead damage, you will find that comparable to Atmas in CS. The benefit of this is that you don't have to swap ammys to buff yourself. However, you will lose your ability to break physical immunity without Atma's.
As for charms, I use an assortment of damage, life, and mf charms. You can also use Shadow GC's if you have them, but there isn't need to go out of your way to obtain them. You only get minor offensive boosts for using them.
Also, don't use poison charms, as Venom overrides the time it delivers the poison to .4 seconds! An example is a 50 poison over 4 seconds charm gets converted to 5 poison damage over .4 seconds (ie how much damage it would have done in .4 seconds). Use physical or elemental damage charms instead!
For a merc, I suggestion using a Act 1 merc with a Harmony bow for the Vigor aura (only requires Ko). This will allow you to have near BoS movespeed while using Fade, which is a huge boost to your clear speed. Fade has curse reduction, so having an Act 3 Clensing merc won't be much help. Since you have Atma's Scarab, you don't need a merc with Lawbringer either. You do miss out on the Might aura from the Act 5 merc, but your damage will be fine with amp. If you want to use Seraphs, then you should use an Act 5 merc with Lawbringer.
Going Beyond:
Follow Viyro's guide if you are interested in moving past Nat's Set for faster cleaubers. You will likely need to respec to wear SS and use BoS instead of Fade. I wouldn't step into this build until you are fully geared to replace Nat's pieces.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Repeats
submitted by _Repeats_ to pathofdiablo [link] [comments]

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